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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Path to Righteousness

I haven’t, up to this point, waxed political, mostly because there are a lot of other people doing it who a) talk about politics for a living and therefore (I’d like to hope) have broader and more in-depth views than my own or b) can’t find anything more interesting (or original) to write about.

But I felt the need to spend a bit of valuable blogging space on “The Path to 9/11,” ABC’s miniseries that aired this week. John Rogers attempts to explain how such a factually flawed account of one of the most tragic events in U.S. history could have been green-lighted for production, while Tom Shales of the Washington Post blasts it for its blatant inaccuracies and neo-con fictionalization. CNN also ran an article stating that former President Clinton had asked ABC to “tell the truth.”

So here’s my gripe (or rant or or protest, whichever you prefer):

First, I’m tired of being lied to (docudrama, my backside) with the expectation that I’m too stupid or uninformed to know the difference. Second – and most important – I happen to think there are plenty of Americans who are too stupid or uninformed to recognize crap when they see it (likely the same ones who bought Bush's justification for the Iraq War) and they’ll probably go to their graves believing ABC’s distorted version, which irks me to no end.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I came across this blog while searching for any American perspective on travel in Scotland. I was intrigued by your topics and took a closer look. I liked your writing style and variety of topics...most thought provoking and intelligent! Frankly, though, I was a little surprised by your broad statement about the "stupid" Americans "who bought Bush's justification for the Iraq War" First of all, it seems the hight of concete to consider your perceptions enlightened and others to be "stupid". Maybe, just maybe, to make a statement like that is self serving, and just a little ignorant (and by ignorant I in no way mean stupid) There is no way to know all the details of any national or international events. We are never given all the details. National security is and I believe should be the top priority of our government.

2:00 pm  
Blogger Sherri McLain said...

Dear Annonynous:

Thanks for your post. I'm continually amazed by the number of people who still comment on my ancient blog (which of course makes me feel guilty for not having written anything for so long). Now to your comment - as I stated earlier, I've avoided politics (and religion) because both subjects have been done to death and are so polarizing That it becomes difficult to have an objective debate. I'm not sure I understand your "self-serving" comment...unless you think I want to drive page views or something, not really sure. If that were the case, I would have started by keeping up to date on this blog.

With regard to your further comments relating to the idea that the previous regime's motives for the Iraq War were nothing more than "protecting national security" (if I'm not with you, I'm against you, right?): I think you've just proven my point.

Thanks again.


11:54 am  

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